Thursday, 11 August 2016

Malik Cattle Farm - Eid Ul Adha 2016 - Cow Qurbani 2016 Collection

Malik Cattle Farm of Lahore is one of the well known Cattle Farm. Malik Cattle Farm is owned by Malik Ijaz Sahab. Malik Farm always Introduce one of the best Bulls in town. Malik Farm produce different Breeds most Sahiwali, Nukra, Desi and Australian Mix. Malik Cattle Farm have one Gaina Bachra Mashaa Allah Full of Life, for Qurbani Eid 2016 in collection and Its age is 4 Teeth.
Malik Cattle Sahiwali Bachra is one of my Personal Favorite. We will Introduce you with it in Our Official Video Soon.

Malik Ijaz Sahab working in this Field from more then past 20 Years. Malik Cattle Farm is located at Saggiyan By Pass Road. Malik Cattle Farm 2016 Collection of Cattle Pictures are shared on there Official Facebook Fan Page HereYou can also Contact Malik Farm House on PTCL 042-37163777.

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Respected Malik Ijaz Sahab of Malik Farm House.

Malik Farm 2016 Bulls and Cows Collection Pictures are here. Malik Cattle Farm Latest 2016 Qurbani Eid Bulls are ready and anyone can go and Buy them. You can Send Friend Requests to Malik Farm if you want to buy any bull and they will soon Launch there Official Facebook Fan Page.
First Exclusive Malik Cattle Farm 2016 Bulls Prices Video
Heavy Ablak Pictures of Malik Cattle Farm for Qurbani 2016

Malik Cattle Farm Desi Gaina Bachra for 2016 4 Teeth Full Pictures Here

Heaviest Sahiwali Bachra in Lahore for Qurbani Eid 2016 

Mashaa Allah ! Nukra Bachra of Malik Cattle Farm 2016

Heaviest Desi Bachra for Qurbani Eid 2016 by Malik Cattle Farm

Heaviest Australian Desi Mix Bull by Malik Farm for Qurbani 2016

Heaviest Cholistani Bachra by Malik Cattle Farm for Qurbani Eid 2016

Videos of Malik Cattle 2016 Bulls will soon launched here only by Admin Hammad of our Facebook Page. Join Us on Facebook Page of Bakra Mandi Pakistan.

Soon Malik Cattle Farm Videos of 2016 Collection will be Published Here on Bakra Mandi Pakistan. Interview of Malik Ijaz Sahab will also be Live with His Best Bulls Eid Collection 2016.

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