Sunday, 21 August 2016

Cow Mandi 2016 Lahore Live Streaming by Bakra Mandi Pakistan

Cow Mandi 2016 Lahore Live Streaming by Bakra Mandi Pakistan

Cow Mandi 2016 Live Stream with Bakra Mandi Pakistan Admin's. One of the Best Feature Introduced by Facebook for Pages is Live Stream which Bakra Mandi Pakistan Team used for the First time and Response was extremely Fabulous.

We Showed our Members young and old Bulls for sale in Cow Mandi. We mostly Show Medium size Bulls in our Videos as we know most people can buy medium size bulls so we showed you people what rate is Mandi and Seller (Biyopari's) are demanding.

Bakra Mandi Pakistan Showed You in Live Streaming which NO Other Facebook or Website will Show You.

Difference Between Bakra Mandi Pakistan and Competitors 

Bakra Mandi Pakistan team is working more and more and trying to give some extra information which till now no other facebook page or Website is updating about but soon they will Copy us.

We ask Buyers to tell us the price which Seller (Biyopari) was Demanding, then what was your Starting Price and then what was the Actual Price you Bought or you Ended Up as Seller is not reducing the price. Performing this whole activity gives us and our Members an idea that how much difference a Biyopari can make and give you the Bull. This thing is also helpful for people who are going to buy Cow or Bull from Cow Mandi for the First Time.

Your Suggestion's are Always Welcome
Bakra Mandi Pakistan's Admin's always strive to update our members with question's like what is the Rate Difference from previous Year, or most of our Facebook Page Members asks that could we buy in the same price as previous year or we have to arrange some extra money this Year.
So to answer your question's we Managed to give you Live Stream Transmission from Cow Mandi and this is the Video you Must Watch and Comment Below.
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Mandi live session
Posted by Bakra Mandi Pakistan on Saturday, August 20, 2016

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