Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Indian Cows PISS GOLD Video Proof of this REAL VIRAL NEWS

Indian Cows PISS GOLD in Urine. Indian Scientist Claim that Indian Cow Urine Gold. Indian Scientists say they found up to 30 Milligrams per Liter of GOLD in the Urine of GIR Indian COWS. 'HOLY COW'

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Scientist at an Agriculture University Examined 500 Urine Samples Over the Last 7 Years. The Amount of Gold in Indian Cows Urine Varies from Breed to Breed and Age to Age of the Cow but the Special thing is they found GOLD in each 500 samples.

Indian Scientists Found Gold In The Urine Of Cows
These cows are pissing actual gold
Posted by NowThis on Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This Precious Metal was found in an Iconic Form. It can be Extracted using Chemical Processes so Cow Urine Won't make you RICH ! Scientist also claim half of the Samples Showed it can actually Helpful to cure several Diseases. Who Knew Indian Cows can Urine Gold in 2016.

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