Thursday, 1 October 2015

Professional Qasai Qurbani Video 2015 Urf Laeeq Qassai

Professional Qasai Urf Laaeq Qasai is now a renowned Qassai in Karachi. Laeeq Qasai is know as Professional Qasai in Karachi. People after the Prayer of Eid Ul Adha in Karachi usually watch Qurbani of Laeeq Qassai. He is Old but he is Extremely Fast in Takbeer and Qurbani of Full Bull thats why People try to hire him on every Qurbani Eid.

Laeq Qasai Urf Professional Qassai have Experience of Slaughter House and the way He Slaughter the Animal is one of the best way of Slaughtering and according to Islamic Law of Slaughter. Laeeq Qassai never Practice the Wrong way of Slaughtering which Bakra Mandi Pakistan Defined in Video of Actual Way of Slaughtering Sacrificial Animal 

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