Sunday, 27 September 2015

Shockingly Qassai Died on Qurbani Eid 2015

Shockingly Qasai Died while preparing Bull for Qurbani on Qurbani Eid 2015. This Video went Viral on Qurbani Eid 2015. This Man got Heart Attack while He was preparing the bull for Qurbani. This Video is now a Days Viral for Qurbani Videos 2015 Man Deid while Preparing for Qurbani of Bull.

This Man who was qassai died when he was preparing and tightening up the bull so that he can slaughter but this Man Qasai Died before Qurbani of this Bull. May Allah Rest his Soul in Peace ! Ameen !

Shockingly Qassai Died before qurbani of Bull. Qasai was preparing the bull for Qurbani and He Died just when he Tightening the Bulls Legs. Qassai Died before Qurbani of Bull Video went Viral in Pakistan.

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