Friday, 22 August 2014

Heavy Sahiwali Bulls for Qurbani 2015

Bought 2 Heavy 2 Dant Bulls from Shah Pur Kanjra Mandi Lahore 2015. Lahore Cow Mandi 2015 is as always expensive on 19th of August 2015. Lahore Cow Mandi 2015 Prices and More Videos will be Provided. This Video is of my Cousins and they bought this from Lahore Cow Mandi Shah Pur Kanjra Lahore.

Lahore Cow Mandi 2015 Video

Jorri Demand in Lahore Cow Mandi 2015 was 4 lakh 50 thousand. Both of the Bulls are 2 Dant Bull from Lahore Cow Mandi. They both are real Sahiwal Nasal High Price Bulls. Sahiwali Breed in Lahore Cow Mandi or even in Karachi Cow Mandi are always highly demanding and that’s why there prices are often high.

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